Grateful Giraffes

A global movement powered by a community of gratitude enthusiasts who combine ancient wisdom with modern technology to elevate collective well-being.

about us


Grateful Giraffes was founded in January 2022 as a response to the exploding global mental health crisis. Numerous studies have shown that practicing gratitude is one of the single best ways to make us happier and healthier. Unlike most wellness practices, gratitude is also a form of communication, which makes it contagious and social. The more we express gratitude for one another, the more we lift our collective spirits and strengthen the social fabric!

We are on a mission to bring evidence-based gratitude practices to millions of people, powered by a passionate community of gratitude enthusiasts. In order to give our earliest community members ownership in our success and align incentives, we are selling a limited number of lifetime memberships in the form of Grateful Giraffe NFTs.

nft collection

NFT Collection

Grateful Giraffes is a collection of 7,777 randomly generated and unique NFT art pieces created by Olivia Chevallier and the Grateful Giraffes community. The collection contains more than 120 different traits and expressions, as well as different Giraffe species; the Northern, Southern, Masai and Reticulated, and some special ones we’ve created just for you!

7,000 Giraffes will be sold privately at 0.1 ETH per Giraffe - if you are interested in joining our community and helping us succeed in our mission, please request a spot on our Allowlist

The remaining 10% of the supply are reserved for the founding team , advisors, gratitude ambassadors, service providers, early supporters, strategic partners, investors, and Giraffles

NFT Utility

In addition to IP rights over amazing digital artwork, Grateful Giraffe NFTs will give holders access to:

A premium lifetime membership to the House of Gratitude: a wellness space designed to make gratitude practices more accessible, enjoyable, and social. We are already developing a digital gratitude platform, as well as our first physical House of Gratitude

Discounts in the Grateful Market - where we will sell a variety of wellness related products and services and GG merch

Access to an exclusive line of wellness retreats, the first of which will take place on a Kenyan Safari this Fall

Voting rights in The Grateful DAO which takes 10% of Grateful Giraffes revenues and can be used to provide funding to causes that Giraffe holders deem worthy



February ‘22 - Launch the Gratitude Boost

The Gratitude Boost is a live, guided, 20-minute group experience guaranteed to help you slow down, improve your mood, and get inspired by some of the world’s leading gratitude and meditation teachers. Since launching, we’ve hosted more than 30 boosts for over 500 community members and we’re just getting started!

"Omg I was not expecting that it would move me so much. Thank you for those beautiful words and for reminding me today that It’s a great thing to be alive and to be able to be grateful even if I can’t see the wonder around me."

Anat / Tel Aviv, Israel

"Thank you for the meditation session. Loved waking up to this and looking forward to the next one already. I loved how honest people were. Some people are struggling with depression and its okay to be feeling sad while getting some ray of light of gratitude."

Ryan / San Francisco, USA

"I loved the meditation! The breathwork was really nice, had already done my morning breathwork and it was still extremely helpful to slow down and connect in. I really liked feeling grateful for something we take for granted every day."

Bela / Boston, USA

"Thanks Max for the invitation. Really special to be with everyone and set the week up on the right path through the lens of gratitude. Love you bro!"

Brian / New York, USA

"It was a super uplifting way to open my day, despite my physical ailments. I really loved the practice and how you connected it to the breathwork and gratitude practice. It was simple, clever, and meaningful. Thank you for guiding us and elevating my mood!"

Kate / Oregon, USA

March ‘22 - Call for Artists

More than 140 artists applied to our global competition, with 9 finalists competing for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. We are so grateful for so many amazing submissions and feel blessed to be working with the 1st place winner Olivia Chevallier to create our collection.

April ‘22 - Tel Aviv’s First Ever Gratitude Wall

Most walls divide us. The Tel Aviv Gratitude Wall brought more than 2,000 people together to practice gratitude, yoga, dance, and meditate over the course of two weeks. We envision a world with thousands of gratitude walls in cities all over the world. For the next two months, we're putting the The Gratitude Wall on wheels. Join us as we drive The Grateful Bus across the USA and bring gratitude to a city near you!

May ‘22 - The Grateful Bus - U.S. Road Tour

The Grateful Giraffes are driving through 13 major U.S. cities, meeting with mayors, celebrities, web 3.0 & wellness influencers, inviting anyone and everyone to write on our bus and spread gratitude through Mental Health Awareness month.

Join us in your city to write on The Grateful Bus, meet the Grateful Giraffes team, and be a part of in-person gratitude boosts 🦒

June ‘22 - Private Mint

On June 21st, World Giraffe Day & Summer Solstice, The Grateful Giraffes will launch their smart contract on Ethereum. This contract will be invite-only; this is how we grow the community sustainably and stay true to our values.

July ‘22 - The House of Gratitude

The House of Gratitude is subscription-based virtual wellness space designed to make gratitude practices more accessible, enjoyable, and social. Within the House of Gratitude there are secret rooms with unique content, networking, & wellness experiences exclusively reserved for Giraffe holders :)

September ‘ 22 - Public Reveal

On September 21st, World Gratitude Day, all Grateful Giraffes that have been minted will be revealed to the public!

Fall 22' - Gratitude Wellness Retreat in Kenya

Our first wellness retreat, limited to Giraffe holders. It wouldn't be appropriate to do it anywhere else, really. Join us as we take you on a life-changing Safari alongside our favorite animal.

Winter 22' - The Grateful DAO & Tokens of Gratitude

Launching a non-profit foundation that takes 10% of the Grateful Labs revenues and grants money to causes the community cares about and votes on together. Decision making is governed by our cryptocurrency, the Token of Gratitude.

Q1’ 23 - Gratitude for Business

The #1 reason employees quit their jobs is from a lack of appreciation and recognition for the work that they do. Imagine going to work and actually feeling seen, heard, and recognized. The Grateful Giraffes are coming to a business near you with group gratitude experiences that strengthen company culture and make remote teams feel… well, less remote!

Meet the Team

The Grateful Giraffes team brings a diverse set of skills to the table; from finance, marketing, PR, venture capital, and technology to peace-building, ecological preservation, sustainable fashion, yoga, meditation, and corporate wellness.

Max Marine
Grateful Governor
Olivia Chevallier
NFT Artist
Adar Weinreb
Mint Master
Nicole LaGrua
Giraffic Designer
Abdul Muhammah
Marketing Maven
Julian Melcer
Community Creator
Mikayla Bogart
Chief Consultant
Aaron Shakib
Writer of Code
Lucian Chevallier
Art Generation
Brooke Greenwald
PR & Media Outreach
Udi Mendolovitz
Money Man
Eric Broad
Legal Lion
Hannah Goldberg
Story Styler

Meet our Advisors

Michael Trainer
Founder @ Global Citizen Festival
Janice Kaplan
Author of NYT Bestseller; The Gratitude Diaries
Chris Schembra
USA Today’s Gratitude Guru
Ben Sigman
CEO @ Make Sense Labs