The Gratitude Community

Grateful Giraffes is a global movement powered by a community of gratitude enthusiasts who combine ancient wisdom with modern technology to improve collective well-being.


Grateful Giraffes was founded in January 2022 as a response to the exploding global mental health crisis. We are creating a passionate, global community on a mission to bring evidence-based gratitude practices to millions of people in an authentic, personal, and accessible format.

why gratitude?

Why Gratitude?

Unlike most wellness practices, gratitude is also a form of communication, which makes it contagious and social. The more we express gratitude for one another, the more we lift our collective spirits and strengthen the social fabric.

By actively practicing gratitude, you can:

Elevate your mood and satisfaction with life

Reduce stress and anxiety

Improve your personal relationships

Become more resilient and generous

Reduce inflammation

Improve sleep quality

Numerous studies have shown that practicing gratitude is one of the single best ways to make you a happier person. Gratitude increases your ability to savor experiences, recognize blessings, reframe adverse events, express appreciation, be present, and experience inner calm.

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Gratitude Boost

Take your gratitude practice to the next level! The Gratitude Boost is a live, guided, 20-minute group experience. Start your day in a positive way with a boost of energy that will improve your mood and increase awareness. When you share gratitude with others, you inspire and get inspired.

Anyone who attends a boost will be eligible to mint a Grateful Giraffe NFT.

Join a Boost!

"It was a super uplifting way to open my day, despite my physical ailments. I really loved the practice and how you connected it to the breathwork and gratitude practice. It was simple, clever, and meaningful. Thank you for guiding us and elevating my mood!"

Kate / Oregon, USA

"Omg I was not expecting that it would move me so much. Thank you for those beautiful words and for reminding me today that It’s a great thing to be alive and to be able to be grateful even if I can’t see the wonder around me."

Anat / Tel Aviv, Israel

"Thank you for the meditation session. Loved waking up to this and looking forward to the next one already. I loved how honest people were. Some people are struggling with depression and its okay to be feeling sad while getting some ray of light of gratitude."

Ryan / San Francisco, USA

"I loved the meditation! The breathwork was really nice, had already done my morning breathwork and it was still extremely helpful to slow down and connect in. I really liked feeling grateful for something we take for granted every day."

Bela / Boston, USA

“Such a great way to start my day!”

Ryan / New York, USA

"Thanks Max for the invitation. Really special to be with everyone and set the week up on the right path through the lens of gratitude. Love you bro!"

Brian / New York, USA

Why NFTs?

NFTs are a new method of fundraising directly from your community. NFT-based communities that are passionate about a specific cause can create global impact in novel ways at unprecedented speed.

Grateful Giraffe NFTs are tradable membership cards combined with a unique digital avatar that provide cardholders with premium benefits. These include unlimited access to Gratitude Boosts, discounts on courses, workshops, retreats, coaching sessions, and conferences, admission to exclusive parties, participation in a DAO, and the Grateful Giraffe Metaverse.

To secure your Giraffe ahead of our public launch in June 2022 and get on our Whitelist, you'll need to attend one of our Gratitude Boosts. If you are passionate about our mission and want to become an early supporter, please reach out via the "Private Sale" button!

Meet (and join) the team

The Grateful Giraffes team brings a diverse set of skills to the table; from finance, venture capital, and technology to peace-building, ecological preservation, sustainable fashion, yoga, meditation, and cryptocurrency infrastructure.

Max Marine
CEO & Co-founder
Mikayla Bogart
Head UX & Founding Team
Adar Weinreb
COO & Co-Founder
Julian Melcer
Head of Content & Founding Team
Nicole LaGrua
Social Media & Design
Ori Steinitz
Chief Product Officer
Teeny Valentine
Gratitude Ambassador Lead


Gratitude Boost - Live Now!

A live, guided, 10 minute gratitude meditation followed by a 10 minute group gratitude share for up to 10 people (on Zoom). The perfect way to start the day.

The Gratitude Wall - Tel Aviv - March '22

A celebration for Grateful Giraffes of all species and sizes to dance, play, create, and share gratitude.

Grateful Giraffe NFT Launch (June ‘22)

10,000 Giraffe NFTs, each unique and programmatically generated from over 170 possible traits, including species, age, expression, headwear, clothing, and more. All giraffes are grateful, but some are rarer than others :)

The Grateful Giraffes Shop (July ‘22)

A bespoke collection of journals, socks, shirts, scarves, jewelry, bags, and beyond. All items sustainably sourced and produced.

Gratitude-as-a-Service (September ‘22)

Building the “Gratitude Stack” through a portfolio of courses, workshops, retreats, live meditations, group experiences, and coaching.

Gratitude For Business (January ‘23)

Bringing the Grateful Giraffe Gratitude portfolio to the workplace, improving organizational culture, and strengthening remote teams through gratitude!